Our thanks and dedications

This page recognises and appreciates the work and generosity of the Club’s present and past members, and includes dedications for those dear members who have died recently.


To all our Club members who work behind the scenes to make the Club one to which we are proud to belong.

The Croquet Association (now Croquet England) has accepted the Committee’s recommendation in 2022 to award the following members a Certificate of recognition for their contributions to the Club:

To Ray and Caroline Cosham in particular for their project management of the recent restoration and development of the Clubhouse.
To Sandra Rowe for her administrative skills, in particular in managing and organising visitor events and coordinating catering.

Lest we forget

Ray Cosham, who led the project management of the improvements to the clubhouse, and ran the Gala and Shield competitions.
David Prosser, who had only been a member for a relatively short time before he kickstarted the detailed work involved in the Club’s successful push to become a charity.

Jim and Pat Lawford, long time members and supporters of the club.


This website has kindly been donated in memory of Tim Smith, beloved husband of Hilary Smith. Tim served as Club Treasurer for eleven years.

Tim's dedication